Izhora Pipe Mill
Severstal supplies large-diameter pipes to the USA for the first time
November 02, 2020

Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has completed its first ever delivery of large-diameter pipes (LDP) to the USA, an order of 2,300 tonnes.

The products will be used to reinforce the coastline along the East Coast of America.

Severstal’s high-quality LDP products are produced at the IzhoraPipe Mill, which is part of Severstal’s Russian Steel Division, and have a diameter of  800 mm and a wall thickness of 19 mm.

The pipes were shipped from the port of St. Petersburg to Houston, Texas.

Severstal produces pipes using its own rolled steel, produced at the Company's 5000−sheet rolling mill, which is located at the same industrial site as the Izhora Pipe Mill in the Kolpinskydistrict of St. Petersburg. The Company’s vertically integrated structure provides access to its own raw material base, as well assteelmaking and rolling mills, allowing Severstal to ensure the highest degree of product quality at each stage of the  processing cycle, and provides flexibility in its interactions with customers.

Alexander Semenov, Sales Director for the Energy Sector at Severstal, commented: 

“Following our successful experience exporting LDP to the USA, and taking into  account the significant potential of this business area, we will continue to pursue opportunities in high-value export destinations. The global supply for pipes with these highly specific characteristics is extremely limited - we see strongpotential to supply this  category of LDP to a broader market - not just to the US, but  to other destinations as well.”

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