Izhora Pipe Mill
Izhora pipe mill shipped more than 42 thousand tons of pipes for zones of active tectonic breaks of the “Force of Siberia” project
December 06, 2017

Izhora pipe mill (IPM, is a part of Severstal) shipped more  than 42 thousand tons of pipes with a diameter of 1420 mm from K60 durability class steel for a construction of the “Force of Siberia” gas pipeline crossing zones of active tectonic breaks (zone Pacific Rim).

The pipes for zones of the Pacific Rim have a complex of  special operational characteristics: they are capable to maintain the increased deformations and to keep stability in case of active seismic impact. The first batch of pipes was sent to the customer in April 2017.

The development of the innovative products – rolled steel and pipes for Pacific Rim zones – the staff of Severstal performed within a  sci-tech cooperation program implementation with the key client –Gazprom company.

The rolling of plate metal which Severstal also delivers for  the “Force of Siberia” project occurs on a broadband mill 5000 of the company in Kolpino (it is located on the same industrial site with IPM).

“IPM, one of the first among domestic pipe manufacturing companies, mastered, began industrial production and shipment of products for  Pacific Rim zones, steadily fulfilling the liabilities to the customer. Today the mill continues to move towards the innovations which are the main driver of  its development, including in implementation of policy of import substitution,” — the CEO of IPM Dmitry Pokrovsky comments.

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