Izhora Pipe Mill
Izhora pipe mill accepted the new collective agreement for 2018−2020
December 26, 2017

The delegates of labor union of PAO Izhora pipe mill (IPM, is included into PAO Severstal) accepted the new collective agreement for  2018−2020. The document was signed by the CEO of the entity Dmitry Pokrovsky and the chairman of the IPM trade-union organization Tatyana Ladzina.

The collective agreement includes the wide list of the points concerning social privileges and guarantees, employment of personnel, labor protection, support of motherhood and the childhood and other spheres. Its force extends to all staff of the entity.

All main items of the previous edition of the collective agreement accepted for the period from 2015 to 2017 were kept in full and the number of essential points is also added.

Thus, the changes concerned increase in the minimum wage, increase in some types of financial support. In particular, the payment increased to 10 thousand rubles for the employees who came back to the entity after military service. The monthly payments to the widows and widowers raising children, to trustees are increased. Besides, in the new collective agreement the program upon the work with youth aimed at the adaptation, the professional development, the creation of opportunities for disclosure of personal potential and self-realization of young employees of IPM is considerably expanded.

“The entity not only strictly fulfills the liabilities fixed in the collective agreement but also, being guided by needs of employees, provides the improvements into each new edition. The basis of the document was  the document provisions of the collective agreement of PAO Severstal which was  recognized as one of the best in the industry more than once,” — the CEO of IPM Dmitry Pokrovsky comments.

The new collective agreement of PAO Severstal for 2018−2020 was accepted at the conference of the labor union which took place in  Cherepovets on December 20th. Its force extends almost to 24 thousand employees, including workers of the sheet-rolling shop (SRS) of production of  pipe rolls of Cherepovets steel mill in Kolpino city (SRS and IPM are located on the same production site).

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