Izhora Pipe Mill
Izhora Pipe Mill started shipping products with special operational properties
April 06, 2017

Izhora Pipe Mill (IPM, “Severstal Russian Steel” Division) has begun shipment of large diameter pipes (LDP) with special operational properties that are in demand for the construction of pipelines crossing active tectonic fault zones (ATF zones). The first production lot was sent to “Gazprom” for the implementation of the project “The Power of Siberia”.

Pipes for ATF zones are distinguished by their ability to  withstand the increased deformation and to maintain stability under active seismic action. The scope of supply includes pipes of diameter of 1420 mm from steel of strength grade K60 with an external anticorrosive and internal smooth coating.

The development of LDP with special operational properties has been carried out within the framework of the program of scientific and  technical cooperation between “Severstal” and “Gazprom”. The program provides for joint research activities, development of new promising types of rolled steel and pipes, implementation of measures in the field of import substitution.

“Thanks to the orchestrated actions of Kolpino and  Cherepovets sites team, IPM has acquired and certified products for the ATF zones in the shortest time, — comments Dmitry Pokrovsky, General Director of  Izhora Pipe Mill. — This direction is innovative for the Russian market. The  project has allowed to expand the line of rolled products and pipes, it became one of the steps of the implementation of the import substitution strategy”.

The combination of its own raw materials base, steelmaking and rolling production ensures the unity of the technological process within “Severstal” and allows the production of a completely domestic product that  meets the highest international standards.

The metal rolled on a broadband mill 5000 of the company's slitting lines shop in Kolpino (located on the same industrial site as IPM) was used for the production of LDP.

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